We need URGENT ACTION to stop the deadly global pandemics of today and tomorrow.

All U.S. presidential candidates should commit to a bold global initiative to halt today’s pandemic killers of AIDS, TB and Malaria, prevent the coming disease outbreaks from becoming pandemics, and combat diseases exacerbated by climate change.

Pandemics drive inequality, and injustice globally. LGBTQ people, people of color, the poor, migrants, women, and young people bear the biggest burden. Climate change is making it worse. In our increasingly interconnected world, the health of people in the United States is inextricably tied to the well-being of people outside our borders.



  • Decades of progress against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria is stalling.

  • The world is not prepared for a new or re-emerging disease that could kill tens of millions of people and cost upwards of $3 trillion.

  • Climate change will magnify the deadly impact and risks of infectious disease.

  • Global inequality is rising and deadly epidemics drive economic disparities while harming the global economy.

Political leadership with rapid action could turn these trends around.

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